Here are a few of our useful tips that we have built up over the years to help you with deciding what you need to order, how to look after your products or cleaning your stainless steel after you have brought it.

Guidance on how to prepare for the installation of a handrail can be found here: LED Handrail Wiring Guide

All our products are to an extremely high standard. Our balustrades (dependant on the design) will have had calculations carried out to ensure they conform to the appropriate British Standard namely BS 6180.

All our handrails are made from the highest quality of materials. Our stainless steel products are imported from Italy and our Solid White Oak is imported from North America.
All of our handrails are bespoke products that are made to measure with every order. Please allow 10 working days for your handrail to be delivered. A member of our team will be in touch once the order has been received to provide you with confirmation of a time frame.
This may seem a simple question, but it does need thinking about. Our handrails come in protective wrapping, which is then inserted in to a cardboard tube. Please remember using a knife or a sharp pair of scissors can really scratch your rail, so always work in the direction away from the rail if using a knife.

All handrails on a staircase should be set between 900mm and 1000mm to the top of the rail, this complies with building regulations.

All our products are of fine quality. They are really easy to keep clean. Simple stainless steel cleaner (Kitchen or Bathroom) will make any rail looking brand new.

Any good stainless steel cleaner will get your handrail looking like brand new. 

As the handrail comes unfinished it is recommended that a lacquer or stain is applied to prolong the life of the rail. 

Yes, not a problem. Please get in touch and we will provide you with expert advice and a bespoke / custom quotation. 

Any form of handyman/ builder / joiner / or electrician should be more than capable of this, providing that the installation conforms to your nations current building standards / guidance – see the following link for further information: https://www.led-handrails.com/how-to-ensure-your-staircase-handrail-installation-is-the-correct-height/ – However, please get touch if you would like us to install this for you.

Independent testing details including Photometric data available on request.  Our products are tested by fully approved independent laboratories,  Certificates available upon request.