Oak handrail installation ideas for your home refurbishment

When it comes to providing support for your staircases, exterior walkways or balconies, nothing says quality quite like an oak handrail. Oak handrails complement any décor, whether modern or traditional. And thanks to them being made from a highly durable material, you’ll have peace of mind your oak handrails are a solid investment, lasting for many years to come.


If you’re working with an interior designer on your renovation project, they’ll likely have mentioned oak handrails as the perfect enhancement to your home. But whether yours is a DIY project or one where a designer is providing guidance, ultimately, it’s down to you to make the final choice on the type of handrails to install.


Here are a few tips to help you make this all-important decision and select the best oak handrail for your home.

Where is your oak handrail being used?


The location of your oak handrail and its intended purpose will help you choose the best solution to suit your needs. Will your oak handrail be wall-mounted next to a staircase? Or are you providing the edging for a glass balustrade? Is it being used internally or externally?


Internal: A grooved oak handrail looks stunning when used with glass and provides a real natural yet contemporary vibe to your home. Perfect where balustrades line the staircase and landing area. For wall-mounted handrails, a rounded finish provides optimum comfort for the user.


External: Whether it’s to finish a glass balustrade lining a balcony edge or a handrail across a garden pathway, oak handrails work exceptionally well in the outdoors, thanks to the high durability of timber. As a natural material, it will also blend into outdoor surroundings with ease.

Choosing a finish for your oak handrail


The finish depends entirely on the preferred look you’re after. If you’d like to keep things natural – perhaps in line with wooden flooring or doors – then wood oil or varnish might be all you need to protect your oak handrail. For deeper colour contrast, consider a stained finish instead.



A popular option is to treat your oak handrails to a matt black finish, which looks incredibly stylish on any staircase, whether in a newer style home or an older, traditional build.


Another consideration for internal staircases is the end caps which are available in brass, copper or matt black, each one the perfect accompaniment to your oak handrail. Whichever you choose, you can keep these in sync with your brackets by matching the material. Alternatively, you may prefer to keep the handrail ends completely bare for a more minimalist look.

Enhance your oak handrail with LED lighting


Want to add that extra wow factor to your handrails? Integrating LED lighting into your handrails is sure to make them a talking point for guests. Aesthetically, you can achieve a genuine uplift by utilising LED, but it also serves a safety purpose, lighting the way clearly at floor/step level.




The lighting itself comes in different shades of white, giving you the option of a cooler, brighter appearance or one that’s more warm and natural. Either way, you’re guaranteed a stunning finish to your oak handrails when combined with LED lighting.

Oak handrail alternatives


These days, you’ll find hundreds of handrail options on the market, and many of them are made from materials other than wood. So if oak isn’t your thing, why not opt for a metallic handrail?



You’ll find plenty of stainless steel options available, also in different finishes to suit the environment and intended use. Outside, you may prefer to have a powder-coated finish for additional durability to your walkway handrails. Internally, a powder-coated rail will bring an innovative look and feel to your staircase or walls.

Let’s talk handrails


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